Detours & Service Changes



Limited service to Westbrook Shopping Mall

Due to the reconfiguration of the traffic lanes and islands on Springdale Rd. and Moreland Rd., access to the Westbrook Shopping Mall by Route 1 and Route 2 will be limited. 

The Route 1 will NO longer enter Westbrook on Outbound or Inbound trips.

The Route 2 will only enter Westbrook on Inbound trips. 

This will be in effect until further notice. Alternative routing options for the future are being reviewed and any changes will be made public as soon as possible.

Snow Route Detours
During Winter Storms, portions of routes may need to be detoured to operate the routes safely.   See the link below for areas that may be detoured due to snow and ice.
Snow Route Detours

Service Changes

Route 79 Zone Fare Eliminated January 2, 2017

Effective January 2, the Route 79 $0.35 Zone Fare for trips beginning or ending in Waukesha County will be eliminated.   Effective January 2nd, passengers riding the Route 79 will only have to pay the applicable Milwaukee County Transit System Fare no matter where he/she gets on the bus.