Water Utility's E. Main St. Utility and Street Reconstruction Project

Project Update: June 15, 2018

This week, the utility contractor, UPI, has continued working on sanitary sewer relay including some sanitary sewer lateral work. The road remains closed to through traffic from White Rock to Lombardi Avenue, and remains open to local traffic, which are customers and employees of the businesses and to residents living within the project limits. Next week, the contractor will continue sanitary sewer work along with likely starting water main installation as early as Wednesday June 20th. The underground boring of water main and sanitary sewer under the railroad tracks just east of Hartwell will take place as soon as we have an approved permit from Canadian National Railroad.

E. Main St. Reconstruction Project - N. Barstow St. to Lombardi Way

The Main Street Utility & Street Reconstruction project will begin next week following Memorial Day. Traffic Control, erosion control, and pavement sawcutting will take place and sanitary sewer installation could begin late next week, all on Phase 1 of this project. Traffic control includes setting up the attached Phase 1 detour.

Please note that Phase 1 is from Whiterock to Lombardi Way. Phase 2, which consists of the entire project limits (Barstow to Lombardi) will begin on July 5, 2018. Our intent is to keep through traffic on Hartwell open as well as at Whiterock and Pleasant. The contractor will also work to accommodate local traffic to access businesses and residents, however there will be times where access may be inconvenienced for temporary periods as necessary due to construction operations. Feel free to contact me with any issues and questions you have.

Click Here for Detour

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