N. Grand Ave and Wisconsin Ave Intersection Work

City of Waukesha - N. Grand Avenue/Wisconsin Avenue Intersection Work

October 12, 2017

You are receiving this email because you were on the project update list for the recent reconstruction of N. Grand Avenue and South St. Prior to, and during the N. Grand Ave. and South St. roadway reconstruction project, We Energies replaced their existing gas main along N. Grand Avenue, and in order to complete their main replacement, they needed to work within the N. Grand Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue intersection. During their work they placed temporary concrete pavement patches within the limits of their gas main work in order to reduce the impact to the intersection at that time.

The patches that We Energies placed were meant to be temporary, and we have now scheduled a contractor to replace the temporary patches, and restore the pavement within the intersection. Work within the N. Grand Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue intersection will begin Monday October 16th, and is expected to last approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks. The contractor will begin with replacing the concrete areas in the center of the intersection, and the travel lanes along Wisconsin Avenue will be shifted to the outside edges of the roadway. Once that area of concrete pavement is replaced, and cure time is achieved (+/- 3 days), they will replace the concrete areas along the north side of Wisconsin Avenue, and the travel lanes will be on the south side of Wisconsin Ave. After the completion and cure time in this area of concrete is achieved; during the week of October 23rd, the contractor will be removing the top layer of asphalt within the limits of the intersection, and placing a new surface layer.

During the timeframe of this work, the traffic signals at N. Grand Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue will be in an all-red flash operation, and should be treated as an all-way stop condition. During the first phase of the work, left turning movements may be restricted within the intersection, and during the second phase of the work, access to Wisconsin from the north section of N. Grand Avenue will be closed. We are working with the contractor to expedite the work and reduce the timeframe this intersection is affected. The above dates and timeframes are weather dependent, and may shift during the work.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this short project, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Brandon Schwenn, P.E.

Project Engineer

City of Waukesha – Engineering Division

(262) 524-3585