Closures due to Meadowbrook Rd Construction

Aug 11 Update:

With the completion of the concrete pavement and curb and gutter placement at Woodridge Ln., the contractor will be closing Joann Dr., and opening Woodridge Ln. at Meadowbrook Rd., on Monday (8/14) at 6:00 AM.

On Monday, July 17 the contractor will be completing the final grading of the new southbound lanes in the area of Rolling Ridge Dr.  This grading work, and preparation for concrete paving will require Rolling Ridge Dr. to be closed west of Meadowbrook Rd.  The closure will begin at 6am Monday (7/17) morning, and be in the same fashion as the closure of Woodridge Ln. west of Meadowbrook Rd.  This closure is expected to last approx. 3 weeks.  Woodridge Ln. will also remain closed during the final grading and concrete paving.  The contractor has completed all other work in preparation for final paving in order to reduce the amount of time that Rolling Ridge Dr. is closed west of Meadowbrook Rd.  Final grading, base course placement, and preparation for concrete paving will be the main focus of the work next week, and it is anticipated that concrete pavement will begin the week of July 24
th.  Intermittent flagging operations may occur within the work zone during grading, and paving preparation activities.  Grading operations will continue within Meadowview park during storm sewer work and grading work on Meadowbrook Rd., but is anticipated to taper off during the paving operations.  Major grading work within the park would pick up again during stage 2 of this project.