2018 Street Resurfacing

The 2018 project includes:
As funded in the 2018 CIP Budget, Grandview Ave will be resurfaced approximately 150’ South of Madison St to Elder St/Garland Ave. Other streets in the 2018 resurfacing project include:
• Swartz Dr (Grandview Ave to Swartz Ct)
• Pilgrim Cir
• Michigan Ave (Grandview to Hillview Cir)

Also included in the 2018 Resurfacing all pedestrian curb ramps within the project limits will be upgraded to meet current City of Waukesha and ADA requirements.

Additional information will be sent out prior to the start of this construction project further detailing the project, including the start and end of construction dates.

Any further questions you may have, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Project Contact:
Craig Ausen, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha - Engineering Division
130 Delafield St., Waukesha WI 53188