Tribute Tuesday Concerts

6:00-9:00 pm, See below for specific dates!

Come and enjoy all your favorite songs as we pay tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Diamond, Alan Jackson, and ZZ Top! Enjoy these talented musicians as they belt out all your favorites!
All concerts will take place at the Les Paul Performance Center in Cutler Park, 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Concessions will open at 6:00 pm and beer, water and soda will be sold by the Park Foundation of Waukesha with proceeds benefiting the Park Foundation. Please note that carry in of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. 

Join Mayor Reilly as he serves up his famous BBQ! Tofte’s Table and Steaming Cup will also be on hand with tasty menu selections..

Please note: City Ordinance 11.22 (i.) & (j.) prohibit dogs in the park.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute with Hot Reds


Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 7:00-9:00 pm

Les Paul Performance Center, Cutler Park

The Hot Reds storm the Les Paul Performance Center with their Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute. Rocking out American funk style to “Can’t Stop,” ”Under the Bridge,” and “Go Robot” you won’t want to miss the Hot Reds as they open up our Tribute Tuesday season. 

  Sponsored by: The Park Foundation of Waukesha
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Hot Reds

Neil Diamond Tribute with Eric Diamond


Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 7:00-9:00 pm

Les Paul Performance Center, Cutler Park

Close your eyes and as “Sweet Caroline” floats through the park, you’ll swear Neil Diamond is in the park! Come and take in “Cracklin’ Rose” and “Love on the Rocks” and more. Eric Diamond will have you wishing you were “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

Sponsored by: Citizens Bank


Alan Jackson Tribute with Doug Brewin


Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 7:00-9:00 pm

Les Paul Performance Center, Cutler Park

Alan Jackson impersonator Doug Brewin looks and sounds like AJ, using his own natural voice. Doug is an Alan Jackson look-alike and sound-alike and performs in Las Vegas and Branson. Come hear your favorites like “Country Boy,” “Hard Hat and a Hammer,” and “Livin’ on Love.”

If you are an Alan Jackson fan, this is a must-see show!

Sponsored by: Meijer

Doug Brewin

ZZ Top Tribute with Eliminator

Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 7:00-9:00 pm
Les Paul Performance Center, Cutler Park

Hailing from Chicago, Eliminator has played from coast to coast for more than 25 years, recreating the complete ZZ Top concert experience. Move those “Legs” and head over to Cutler Park in your “Cheap Sunglasses”…. There may be a “Sharp Dressed Man” or two there.